Mardi Love – New York, USA

Mardi Love has been hangin around for some years now, traveling vast distances to bestow her knowledge of the Art and Craft of Tribal Fusion belly dance upon some of the world’s finest characters. In a handful of non-accredited institutions, makeshift studios, private clubs and Russian banquet halls, Mardi honed her craft and formed affiliations with Urban Tribal Dance Company, Belly Dance Superstars, The Indigo, and Lady Goodnight & The VooDoo Lilies. Mardi, a Scorpio, presently hails from Louisville, due to a timely collision of impulsivity and economic depression (national). The Who’s Who of elbows she has rubbed in her illustrious career reads like a David Allan Coe song: Heather Stants, Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Sharon Kihara, Lauren Jeanette, Lauren Robbiani, Violet Scrap, Kit Stymee Stovepipe, Lucas Hicks, Mat Jacob, Lamia Barbara, Fiorella Des Ganaches, Windy City Alex, Yasmina, Jillina, Mattie Waters, and Jules Downum… name a few.

…Did you know?

Favorite colour or non-colour: Black
Favorite move: Invert Figure Eight
Least Favorite Move: Shimmies While Not Standing
Favorite evening drink: Reposado with Meyer lemon and mezcal float
Bit by how many wild animals outside, to draw blood, to date: Two

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Dubrikato – (US ,IE & UK)

Dubrikato is the collaboration of 3 international performers and teachers – Charlotte Wassell (UK), Violet Kind (US), and Stacey McDermott (IE). All three have distinct styles and specialisations yet in common a passion for Tribal and Fusion belly dance.

Charlotte is an experienced ATS® and Tribal Fusion dancer and teacher committed to providing quality instruction with a strong technical focus. Stacey is a multi award-winning fusion belly dancer, neo burlesque & fire artist and model; known especially for her emotive performances and supportive teaching style. Violet is an enthusiastic teacher and creator; the mama of Fly Fusion® belly dance format, Satori Violet Dance Co, and The Bleuebellatrix Project. Together, the three create a unique learning experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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Jill Otter – Quebec, QC

Jill started her journey in 2006 with traditional belly dance, and started studying ATS (American Tribal Style) shortly after. Soon, she was performing across the province as a solo act or, after 2009, with Tribu Nataraja. Around the same period, Jill grew profound a interest for Indian dances: classical and folkloric, as well as Bollywood with its colours, its esthetics, and its special energy. She decided to get specialised and to pursue in-depth training in Canada, India, France and the US (studying mostly Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Kathak, Kalbeliya, Garba, and Bhangra) in order to better understand the origins and the essence of these dances which today she regularly uses in her fusions with belly dance and tribal.

Teaching for over a decade, Jill is always extremely enthusiastic about sharing her endless fascination for mouvement, gestures, and expression. She has even developed her own theoretical approach to fusion:: nuclear fusion. One of her main goals : helping students discover who they are and encouraging them to go beyond their limits. As an artist, Jill uses her creativity mostly by inspiring herself from traditions, from mythological tales, and from the work of other artists who move her. On stage, she is renowned for her attention to detail, her originality, her grace, and her presence.

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Cult of Yes – Montreal, QC

Cult of Yes are an unorthodox bellydance duo formed in Montreal in 2013. Born of a shared love for adventure and really great music, Cult of Yes now travels near and far, bringing unusual dances and searching for fresh movement, good times and kindred spirits.
Dominique and Sue have decades of combined experience on stage and in the classroom and are committed to helping students liberate themselves from fear so they can be their bright, authentic selves on stage.

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Marina D.Ray – Montreal, QC

Marina started her dance adventures a while ago. Dedicated to hard work for her passion, she enjoys challenges that widen creative horizons. Marina spent many years training in a bunch of dance styles: Latin, tribal bellydance (ITS), modern & contemporary,  classical ballet and recently urban street dances.  Marina is the founder of the Tribal Momentum dance festival, which was born of her passion for dance and a desire to continue to grow this beautiful community.
“I love movement. When I dance I feel free and forget about limits of being human.
I love to create and pour my energy into making things and making things happen.
Consciousness is movement and movement is best when we are fully present” – Marina D.Ray

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