Marina D.Ray

Marina is passionate about many things, especially dance and yoga. She also enjoys making nice things, since it is not really about things – but about making them nicely. In the TM team you will see her everywhere – from teaching & taking workshops to cleaning the floors, selling handmade candles, filming the performances and making friends, dealing with the government, paying the artists and answering emails. A solo performer and a team member with ITS Alive (the eight legged thing)!

Sue Snyder

Sue is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, yogi, writer, and enthusiasm enthusiast. When not in the studio, she’s nerding out about rock n’ roll, astrology, and really good food (not always in that order). Sue will be teaching again this year as half of the two-headed beast that is Cult of Yes, and she’ll be doing loads of behind-the-scenes stuff like liaising with invited artists (hi!), communications (hi! hi!), and thinking about tech stuff. 98% probability that stupid GIF posted from the Tribal Momentum Facebook account was her (not sorry).

Mark Stosiak

An analog man in a digital world, Mark Stosiak is an artist, yogi, and aspiring tattooist. A solar-powered forest lover with strong hermit-like tendencies, he started drawing when he was 3 years old and has pretty much never stopped. Mark is Tribal Momentum’s in-house designer and graphic artist. (Psst! He’s the one who drew our logo!)

Dominique Senécal

Dominique is half of the badass bellydance duo Cult of Yes, and one quarter of the eigth-armed improv collective ITS Alive! (yes, yes! the octopus IS alive! EEE!). She dances, travels, draws Tarot cards, does simultaneous interpretation, cooks, dabbles with music, and collaborates with all sorts of lovely humans and freaks. As part of the Tribal Momentum team, she takes care of all kinds of geeky things (website, online forms, etc.), talky things (translation, communications to performers, etc.), and plotty things (lineups, schedules, etc.). Mostly, you’ll see her overenthusiastically teaching and following workshops, cheering performers, and giving hugs. If someone backstage is bleeting like a goat, it’s probably her.

Josee Demers

In the Tribal Momentum Team, Josee (Kali Maat) is the quiet, serious, down to earth, cautious clerk. With many years of experience in dancing, acting, teaching and organizing events, she tends to stay close to all that is lyrical, darkish, ritualistic, oneiric or weird in style. During the Tribal Momentum Festival, you can find her running around chaotically with a bottle of wine in one hand and a piece of cheese in the other… She is always late to put on her stage makeup because she is filling all the little ‘’jack-of-all-trades’’ tasks and/or (at the same time most of the time) she’s having never ending chats with all the dancers she loves and don’t get to see so often.

Lisa Champagne

Lisa has been dancing for a bit more then a decade and splits her artistic soul between corporal movements and object manipulation (known sometimes as juggling). She is, in other words, a “movement” artist and a “move it” artist. She is definitely more at ease in a practice space then a stage but values the challenges a good performance can provide. During the festival, she will be running everywhere as the On-Site Manager… ho, and she holds the keys.