All workshops are 2 hours long and cost $45 CAD each.

The Dance Addict package includes unlimited access to all workshops during the weekend – $295 CAD

*If you have trouble purchasing a workshop, or if you wish to use a platform other than PayPal, please write to us at

*Please note that all our workshops will be taught in English to allow people from all over the world to join us. Participants may ask questions in French during workshops, and there will always be someone bilingual nearby to make sure nobody misses any key information. Luckily, dance is a universal language!

Balkan Choreo – Inga Petermann (Germany/Ontario)

Saturday July 14, 2018
9:00 – 11:00

Balkan Fusion has always been and will always be one of Inga’s greatest passions which made her known for her energetic and cheeky performances.
In this workshop we will work on an energetic choreography to passionate balkan music.
Learn sassy combos, various turns and have fun drilling this fiery piece that Inga created for you.
Be prepared to sweat and have lots of fun!

ITS: Expand Further! – Marina D.Ray (Montreal, QC)

Saturday 14 July, 2018
11:15 – 13:15

Let’s get our ITS on! More exciting material from the Unmata lexicon, we’ll sink our teeth deep into moves pulled from hula, hip hop, and tribal-style bellydance. Marina will bring you the latest from Hot Pot Studio, focusing on some fresh Level 4 combos. Get ready for some complex sequences and some interesting formation ideas.
No ITS experience required! This is a challenging and fun class for all dancers. Seasoned ITSers will leave with some sassy new vocabulary to add to their repertoire.

Rock & Roll Finger Cymbals – Nawal Doucette (St John, NB)

Saturday July 14, 2018
14:30 – 16:30

This workshop is for bellydancers of all styles who want to learn to play finger cymbals to non-bellydance music. Part theory and part practice, we’ll learn how Nawal developed her unique method of playing cymbals. We’ll delve into a variety of cymbal patterns and learn how to count both cymbals and music successfully. Nawal will give examples of how to play cymbals over a variety of musical genres in the theory portion,  then we’ll learn a few of Nawal’s fave combos to up your cymbal game.

Bring cymbals and notebook. If you don’t have cymbals,  Nawal will have wooden ones for sale.

Urban Flow – Kala (Montreal, QC)

Saturday July 14, 2018
16:45 – 18:45

Exclusive for Tribal Momentum, Kala offers us a unique experience with a flavor all her own. In this two hour workshop, we will explore the art of waving. With its roots in popping, found in hip hop culture, Kala will guide you through exercises and games aimed at giving your dance more flow. First we will connect with our bodies and feel where the energy goes. With this deeper awareness, we will be ready to look at techniques found in urban dance and learn to fuse it with our own style.

Bellydance Lasagna: The Art of Layering – Nawal Doucette (Saint John, NB)

Sunday July 15, 2018
9:00 – 11:00

How do you do more than one isolation at once? Layering!
As dancers, we aim to create a 3D representation of the music with our bodies; layering allows us to represent various instruments with our bodies simultaneously. In the Salimpour Format, we train the body to develop strong isolations and the muscular control necessary for seamless layers.
In this workshop, we will explore layering hard and soft contractions, and investigate intuitive movement vs. feeling awkward.  We will get deeply warmed up (July in Mtl? Shouldn’t be too hard!), work our isolations, and work on muscle sharing. Be prepared to melt your mind and open your movement vocabulary to infinite possibilities!

Saltare Ritualis – Kali Maat (Montreal, QC)

Sunday July 15, 2018
11:15 – 13:15

Dance is a very powerful tool.
Used since the dawn of time for ritualistic purposes.
Come, together we will embrace dance in a very new way and in an ancient way at the same time.
The various proposed exercises in this workshop are not asking for any particular dance training, but asking instead for, comfortable clothing, a bottle of water, the need to let go and a very open mind.

Danger Zone 2: More Danger! – Cult of Yes (Montreal, QC)

Sunday July 15, 2018
13:30 – 15:30

The second in our DANGER ZONE series, this workshop continues our work of getting fearless and getting on stage.
This workshop focuses on the HOW of making dances. We’ll explore group dynamics and ways of manipulating movements to create complex dances from relatively simple ingredients. You’ll leave with some tools to put together your own dances for yourself, or for groups you work with.

This is a performance micro-intensive! We’ll build a dance from the ground up, and those who are feeling brave (yeah you are) will have the opportunity to dance our shiny new piece at the Closing Night Show. Ready or not, friends, let’s do the thing! Come step out of your comfort zone and into THE DANGER ZONE!

Fusion Finesse – Inga Petermann (Germany/Ontario)

Sunday July 15, 2018
15:45 – 17:45

Review. Drill. Enhance.
From delicate basics to more advanced techniques this class for everyone who wants to deepen and refine their Tribal Fusion Bellydance skills. Get useful tips and tricks, possible one-on-one correction and some new inspiring ideas to play around with in your own training.
Get your beloved dance fix and reinforce your performance level!